The FIFA World Cup has gone by for a period of time, here let’s look back to know more about the official chronograph partner then – Hublot brand. Members of the famous Swiss watch – hublot brand watch had declared as early before the opening of the FIFA World Cup to be the official partner at the scene of the game, of course, a variety of timing disk of the Hublot watches can be seen everywhere in the game site.

In addition to introduce customized timing wrist watch and memorial edition, Hublot brand in the World Cup for the first time made the change on the time for the referee timing card for this football match, with the appearance is the classic appearance of the Hublot watch. The FIFA can be said to be the first for a change, for the first time, what all sounds incredible is proved that Hublot watch has important position in the field of football, and it is also the direct trust embodiment that the Hublot brand cooperating with football after many years.

Not constrained by conventional and the innovation on the iconic referee timing card in the football game is a final technical challenge. Only a comprehensive technology and high reputation of watch brand in this area can conduct a comprehensive control. Through in-depth study and continuous research and development, Hublot watch finally presented to the world referee timing card that condensed innovation spirit – the excelsior input with tabulation of the best business to high standards.

The Hublot aluminum gold timing card by new design is 7 kg in weight, and adopted the most advanced technology improvement, so it greatly reduced the weight of its own. FIFA, of course, for the attention of the timing card is absolutely unusual, so in the design and quality it is finally formed also after several times of improvement. The Hublot watch specifically made more than 30 Timing cards for the 2014 World Cup.