Many people know that the domestic counters of Cartier watches because customs tariffs and other reasons, the price is not so good, even some of the price of Cartier watches are out of your imagination. So many consumers will choose to go abroad to buy Cartier watches, not only because the price of the foreign country is much cheaper than domestic price, but also the quality is guaranteed. And neighboring South Korea becomes the best choice for most of the consumers. So, can it be cheap to buy Cartier watches from South Korea? What you need to pay attention to when buying Cartier watches from South Korea? Just learn together here for more info about buying Cartier watch from South Korea.

Many people go to travel in South Korea will buy something else at the same time in addition to cosmetics by the way, not only because the price is cheaper than that of mainland, and quality is guaranteed. South Korean procuratorial system is very strict on counterfeit products. South Korea shopping generally is 5% off when paying with unionpay. And the platinum card of the Bank of China can 15% off. In Silla, as long as you take your platinum card to the reception desk in the underground layer to change for gold members, basic it will be 85% discount to buy things, that is 85% of the final price of the items. That is to say, if you are as lucky as you can, the discount can be 60% to 80%, which is the very big discount.

In general, there are many places to buy the Cartier watches in South Korea, including the Cartier replica, such as the shopping malls Silla and Lotte. The Jonggak street has a lot of famous brand watches, and it will be a lot of extra discount if you pay for it with cashes. Naturally the price is much cheaper than the domestic price.